Writs allows person to seek remedies- A powerful tool for FR Current Affairs
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The Supreme Court protects fundamental rights through its writ jurisdiction in the nature of habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition, quo warranto and certiorari or any of them. The purpose for which right to constitutional remedies may be invoked is to enforce fundamental rights. Violation of a fundamental right is the sine qua non for its exercise . The power is plenary and is not fettered by any legal constraints.
On the other hand, every High Court has the power, to issue to any person or authority, including in suitable cases, any Government, within those territories directions, orders or writs, for the enforcement of any of the rights and for any other purpose.
Power of the high court is discretionary, and no limits are placed thereon. However, the Supreme Court has, in the course of time spelt out some rules regarding locus standi, exhaustion of remedies, laches, res judicata and the like; to restrain the writ power. It is to advance justice and that no man must be subjected to injustice by violating the law . The object behind writ jurisdiction of high courts is to provide a quick, efficacious and inexpensive remedy to the aggrieved party.

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