Witches are still in demand in many places. Daily Drag
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Witchcraft is something that always grabs our attention in stories,books and movies. We always have this green faced or black faced woman who is into magic image whenever we think of witches and obviously we are afraid of them too because we know what happened to Hansel and Gretel!. Our history has a time in it when people hunted witches and persecuted women and children in this name and we think that all these witch related things are on an end now. But if we really look into the present trends we can know that witchcraft is on the rise now, relying on psychic reading, tarot cards and astrology are things done by a large population now. For some it might be just fascination of a new way of creating energy in their lives but for some it is their strong belief. n this world where children are bought up in a loose structure of absence of religion and rules they have more freedom of going to any new religion and witch is something like that. Because it has this great importance and projection of spiritualism in it and also the perfect mixture of materialism in the form of crystals, tarot cards,t-shirts and tote bags, it is a kind of tangible spirituality that people get from this acts. During the times of political turmoil people turn to these occult sometimes to make happen their wishes or to have peace of mind. In the west It has now become and established business just like any other religion. When before people did these things anonymously now people are more open about embracing witching or wiccan occult. There are witch groups that have business even from politicians. I find this really fascinating from killing of witches the progressed society is going back to this pagan cultures.

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