Witch-hunts that are done even in this 21st century. Current Affairs
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There is an epidemic going on in the world that will surprise us, it is happening even in India too, it is the witch hunt, I have known and most of us know the infamous Salem incident in 1600’s where a large number of people were killed for being witches but I thought that we as humans are long past from such cruelties but the truth is that it is continuing in many countries all around the world and most of the victims are girl children and women. It is estimated that around 1000 people are killed around the world for witchcraft each year and the ones who are banished and tortured are close to millions. Witchcrafts is something that is gaining in popularity people who believe in potions, spells and chants are increasing day by day even in modern places. Such believers think and believe that everything is happening due to witchcraft be it good or bad, if it is good it is believed that those people have a pact with the de*il, if it is bad it is thought to be a curse of some witches, though belief in it is increasing in developed places, in undeveloped places witches are killed for using spells and potions to their advantage, there are even church priests who accuse certain behaviors as possessions or witchcraft, there are places around the world where witch tests are done and if a person fails in the test that person is killed. These tests can be absurd like checking whether a woman is lighter than air or throwing women into water and checking whether they drown or not. The main problems of these killings are its grotesqueness because these accused witches are bu*ned, beheaded or lashed to death. Wide spread poverty or illnesses are attributed to witchcraft, there is a man in Zambia who has killed 16 people accusing them of witchcraft, in Papua New Guinea dozens are killed, in Nigeria children are bu*ned, poisoned and abused and there is a case where a lot of Albino people were killed for using their body parts in witch potions. This wide range of killings are obviously not based on witchcraft because there are no proofs of whether witchcraft ever existed, so what we can understand is that people are using women and children on whom blames of everything bad is put on because humans have always wanted answers to everything and when that answers are not available humans tend to create their own answers by using weaker sections as scapegoat, it is really disheartening to know that many lives are wasted for something that doesn’t even exist.


You can't state those things don't exist like people must have some proof, maybe its not a myth and maybe witches do exist in the normal crowd in some disguise! I'm someone who believes in black magic, spells, potions and all that stuff and I do believe witches exist, well atleast I believe in the possibility of their existence. However killing them, and blaming course of lif eon them is absolutely a dumb move and I'm appalled how these things still exist/ The tests??based on these shallow aspects? If they have the power to create something magical, what makes these people think they can't change all that! It is so stupid I Believe we must let them be unless we find an evidential harm!
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