Why we need a job, it's more than just a monetary gain. Daily Drag
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Why I want a job.
I agree with the opinion that girls should have a job. Yes this is something that is seen as something ‘extra’ when it comes to girls. Men a entitled to have a job while for women it should be a last resort. The generation of our parents has acceoted this and avoided getting into professional jobs and end up chained in the unpayable job of a housewife, tending to our family is not a bad thing but it is not something exclusive to one member of the family, everyone should do it. It is absurd that some people use the excuse of having a job to avoid home responsibilities, it is also absurd that for home responsibilities women hav to avoid professional jobs. We should be practical in our lives, we are going to face the world alone even when we have people around us. So when it come to a situation where we are literally alone, having a job can be a great relief. Having a job gives freedom; there are many women who are afraid to divorce their husbands fearing how they will live without money. Sometimes it can become a support for families that struggle financially when the man loses his job. It is not only a monetary gain that a woman gets from having a job, it gives her dignity, freedom, value, self esteem, confidence and the benefits are countless. I am also of the opinion that women should marry only after getting a steady job, because we cannot be sure what kind of people will come into our lives after marriage, they might be people looking for a chance to oppress you, having a job is also a shield from manipulation. Society might list reasons to avoid you from getting a job, just ignore them and live your life as you wish.


Personally, yes I too would prefer to get married (if at all lol just kidding I'm Indian so duh that's not even something to be considered anyway...), after getting a job as you said, people change life changes and I don't want the unpredictability of life to throw me in a situation where i wished I had more experience you know? However, some girls don't want jobs and want to be house makers and the pressure of feminism and progressiveness is so high that they are not even allowed to say that! Isn't the main agenda behind the cold protests of women getting to have jobs was because they wanted it? Since when did it become a battle about "getting a job", it was about relishing the freedom right!
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