Why 'The Alchemist' became a great sensation. Daily Drag
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We have all heard about the book the alchemist and atleast one person might have recommended it to us in our life if not more. I have read Alchemist and there are a number of reasons for why we should actually read it but what we should keep in mind is that you should not read it with all the expectations piled up by others you should read it only when you feel like it and should see it as simple book that has reached many hearts because even though it might seem as a simple book it will prove to give more meaning as time goes by.
• It will prove to be a power pill that will help us to face the uncertain future.
• It will show how we everyone in this world deserve love.
• It shows how the journey is more important than the destiny itself even if the destiny is very valuable.
• It teaches us how our individual stories are also a legend.
• It shows what true education is, how it is the gaining of wisdom and not mere learning.
• It shows how true love is power that guides even in the absence, how it is more than just being together.
• It states how our individual purposes are contributors to the wh*le world itself in its own way.
• Draws the beautiful picture where our struggles are shown as the greatest positives in our lives.
This list might seem as a motivational speech but what makes the book different is that all these are said not as in a speech but in a beautiful story narration where everything is said and shown as a proof and how beautiful all these could be, it is one thing to say but it is more than just motivation when it becomes an experience and clearly this is book is one such experience.


I have been suggested this book by so many people that i lost track now. I have read few motivational books and I don't vibe with them. I love reading fiction just devoid of utter romance and philosophical things cz at the end of the day the guy gets the girl or not or maybe someone dies or maybe there is an incomplete inexplicable end to it, its all the same and if I talk about philosophy, the same be positive, think before you react, like the problem is not how we don't understand what we need to do, but HOW WE NEED TO DO and that thing holds me back from reading philosophies as well perhaps that's why I haven't yet read the book as people have hyped it so much that I don't wanna be the odd one out to not like it.
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