Why teenagers hate advice, the real reasons we should understand. Relationship Family
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We have all have been through our stages of rebellious teenage which is considered as a greater task for our parents than even the labor pain. It is a time when we reject or hate all kinds of advices and directions given from our parents and teachers, these people also increase their advices to boys and girls during their teenage too. Even me, after going through teenage thought that it might be just hormones or the teenager’s failure to manage their anger because it was how it was viewed generally. But I came to know that not only teenagers but adults too hate unsolicited advice from whoever it is, be it a loved one or a colleague, because adults are already a complete person with their own views and decision that they wouldn’t take others suggestions easily for many reasons. One of the reasons is the human’s need for freedom and avoiding other’s control over us. We don’t notice this in adults or we think that it is justifiable to adults to act that way, but when teenagers do it we feel like they have not grown enough to avoid advice, there lies the main problem. People view teenagers as children, though they look like it, be it that they actually are they are still in the process of being an adult. They have both this adult and a child in them. We need to know that they themselves are in trouble with their own development and growth and making of decisions that the advices given to them will only infuriate them because the adult in them doesn’t want another person’s control over them. They are also developing their full fledged ego during this time and even if the advice is good their identity as an individual capable of making a decision is challenged thus they stick with their solutions rather than good advices. So what we should engrave in our minds is that teenagers are small adults and we should talk to them with respect and value rather than concern and directing.

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