Why everyone is so obsessed with Rhea Chakraborty? Entertainment Movies
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I mean why is everyone so interested in Rhea Chakraborty's life and what is she upto? I even read a meme which said , "Aj hum dkhege ki Rhea kab brush karti hai", I mean what are you depicting by doing all this non sense on Social media platforms like Instagr*m and Facebook. Rhea came to limelight after the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput and after that the focus is not on rendering justice to him but to see what Rhea did was right or wrong?
I mean you are not here to give her a reality check, if she has done something, she will be duly punished for that. But no, even news channels are flooded with her news and as to what she is going to do in next 3 hours ,where she went for dinner and such stupid stuffs. Even Arnab Goswami who is treated to be one of the most successful news reporter and is praised by everyone, is also so obsessed with her that it seems like he also cannot live his life peacefully if he do not showcase what Rhea is upto. I mean why to give her so importance. There are much more serious news in the world and people are dying of coronavirus but we have to flash on our TV screen as to how Rhea is going to spent her day. I seriously thinks that our media and social media really needs to get back to work and not indulge in these cheap tactics.

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