Why Chennai Super Kings is failing continuously? Entertainment Sports
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Chennai Super kings is back with their good batting order. The match between CSK and DC was a nail bitting one. Initially, Sam Curran got wicket even without taking a single run. This was a big disappointment to Sam fans and Csk fans. Then everyone taught match would go slow and actually that what's happened. But after 12 over, the match got fire. There were continuous fours and occasional six. Jadeja scored 33 runs out of 13 balls. Finally csk managed to take 179 runs. When DC came to chase, again they got one wicket within 1 over. The match slightly turned to CSK side and their batting line up was too good. Finally Dawan came and he played fiercely and took 101 runs. The main reason for csk loss is missed to take Dawan's wicket. They missed his wicket not once but 4 times. Everyone was an easy catch. The final over was given to Jadeja which became the greatest mistake leading to continuous six and the won the match.

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