Why are boys treated in a bullying way whenever they act all craving for attention? Daily Drag
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Seriously who created the trend that only girls are supposed to pull off tantrums and use the baby-voice and act all childish and cute but when guys do that they are called "gay" which is stupid af what's the relation between being gay and being childish? DUMB!

Anyway, I've seen a lot of my girlfriends telling me how their boyfriends are cute and cuddly and just act like babies with them and when I look at them I'm like whaaaat!!?? I mean they all act so tough right? Or maybe they just don't want to show their vulnerable side to just about anyone which is okay their opinion great but the problem comes up when they start getting ashamed about it. It's just really sad how they have to hide those cute pictures and videos so they don't get judged. Basically judged on how you are? Just cz you are a boy and you're expected to be the alpha right? It would be soo cool and glorified if their video had them choking or empowering on a girl right? But acting all aww-my-baby-come-here is all of a sudden big deal.


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