Whether to stay or to leave?? I wish I knew Daily Drag
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To stay or to leave is just a hard choice to follow up isn't it? It's like if you want to leave then just remember why you chose it in the first place. Remember the beautiful melodies that strung in your heart when you touched someone's hand, or signed that contract or laughed looking at the sunset, would you really want to leave then? And in case you want to stay, think of all the harsh bruises someone put you through, the sleepless nights that work job put you through, those invisible scars that who knows could be treated or not?

Somehow we are always stuck in this cob-web of doing the right thing, and doing the thing that we should not regret in the future. No matter how much people say live in the present, we just can't, present arises from the past, and is the pathway to the future. How are we supposed to consider them independent when their wh*le existence is co-dependant? I wish we knew when to stay and when to leave! But I guess that's what life is, exploring the options, some that heal, some that bear the bu*den of regrets.

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