When will all this end, how long will our girls have to suffer. Current Affairs
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Yesterday, here in Kerala a gruesome event happened, a 19 year old Covid positive girl was raped by the ambulance driver who was supposed to take her to the hospital. This is a married man who is the father of a child that has done this. How grotesque minded would the criminal be to torture someone who is already suffering from illness. India is almost accustomed to these kinds of events that it no more surprises us. Even though the criminal was caught it is sure that he won’t be given apt punishment because we know our governments and judiciary, they are just some words which no more gives any hope, that dilapidated is the condition of our law and enforcement today. Though it is disappointing I find hope in the girl who in spite of the threatens of the criminal, reported the event to the hospital authority. She is brave and I just hope that people won’t stigmatize her and victim blame her. She must grow into a strong woman who overcame this memory. Our children must grow to be like her and show courage to not stay silent.


Ofcourse she will be blamed! India has not been all that progressive as people claim. Yes the elite class, probably but when it comes to the majority, the middle and poor class I'm sorry I just hope that girl find her way through. And Kerala? I was brought up in delhi and am pursuing my bachelors in kerala. I was pretty excited about new places and people seem to adore me till i realised how two faced everyone is. That poor girl would be asked to stay strong while at the same time, going behind her back they would definitely say "It was her fault she should have been cautious!"


I was literally shocked when I heard this. It just bashed all of my trust. We cannot trust anyone in this world. Rape is a major issue which needs to be stopped. People are protesting against this but in India every 15 minutes someone is raped.
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