When someone accuses you of things you never did! Daily Drag
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Everybody lies, everybody manipulates and every has been rude to someone and stolen something and never accepted the fact that there was indeed a certain level of darkness in them. It's all a weird entangled mash of our deep hidden insecurities and we ought to act "awkward" when called out. However what gets me even more insane is the incidents when people accuse me of something that I didn't do. Call me a bitch but I'd day it's more of a strategic thing that I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to do I create a list of pros and cons in my head like what would I say if it is exposed and what all could be worst case scenarios and how will I handle them so when someone picks that I'm all confident and stuff. But when someone says things that I NEVER DID AND WOULD POSSIBLE NEVER DO, I act out so so bad that people ought to believe I did it. Like in other cases I'm calm and composed and all, but these things get me so agitated like how could you guys even think!! And then I want to know every tiny piece of information that led them to believe this!! I just have to impose my truth on people who don't really care about it. I wish I stop caring soon.

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