Whataboutery- what we know about it? Current Affairs
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The people who view news debates or are well informed about controversial issues like feminism should know the term ‘whataboutery’ because it is a technique we always hear especially in political issues. This the technique where a group is blamed of doing some injustice starts their defense by saying ‘what about…’ and lists the things that the opposite party has done wrong which can be false or even if it is true it is very evident those things are irrelevant in the actual question asked. It is a way of hiding our own mistakes and diverting the talk to other issues where the opposite party has done wrong. This occurs whenever the individuals and groups are confronted with a difficult or uncomfortable question. this will be more evident In issues like feminism because whenever a famous person react to the discrimination they have faced or their friends face they are attacked with the question that ‘where were you when such things happened’ anyone with common sense would know that this question have no relevance in that particular situation because no one can react to everything and make a change, we sound our opinions in the right place where we are sure that our voice make a change because a change in our situation will of course lead to a change in some other people’s situation too. This is something which even we have done since childhood when parents scold us for doing something wrong we would always make excuses complaining about what our parents did, when children do that it is sweet to hear but when people continue this behavior even in their adulthood and further it is just so silly and shameless.

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