What went wrong today in Kolkata Night Riders? Entertainment Sports
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Today's Match winners are Mumbai Indians. Kolkata Night Riders lost by 8 wickets to Mumbai Indians. Both are team are in top 4 positions in points table. KKR is actually developing their batting line but what actually went wrong today? First thing, the captaincy was changed. Captain Dinesh Karthick resigned his captainship and handed over to Morgan. Everyone felt why he wants to do this. Because already their team was in table top of 4. But Dinesh wanted to concentrate on his batting and he himself decided to do this. And when the match began, a surprise back to back fell within 6 overs and it was the first breakdown in team. Following that one big shots were there for long time. Everyone had so much hope on Russell which is actually bad. A player cannot take all the pressure at once since a game can be changed at any point. Russell too gone shortly. C*mmins came out of syllabus and scored his first 50+ in IPL. He actually made the team to take a decent runs not failing below 100 runs. C*mmins was one last hope and he did his job perfectly. The score was 148. For Mumbai Indians this is an easily achievable score. Of course they achieved this within 16 overs. KKR's batting is worst which led to the team's defeat.

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