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Whenever we hear an assault case news there comes many responses but the responses will be more if the assaulted was in a relationship with assaulter especially as a lover. In this society where the virginity matters more than life itself the people will blame only the victim for having a relationship with a criminal, but what we have to know is that most of the assaults are done by someone the victim already knows, what does t suggest, are all women in bad relationships or are the assaulters guilty of having a criminal mind? Before we judge a victim what we must know is that there many kinds of people in this world and even this critics can become victims to such criminals, the victim might have been in a toxic relationship a topic the society never teaches its children because they are so preoccupied with teaching the children about the myth of virginity and teaching the boys to be misogynistic. Toxic relationships can lead to blind following or threatening by the criminal to achieve whatever he wants and emotionally putting the victim under his spells because she is an innocent being unaware of the toxicity she is in. in such bad relationships the consent for sex might not be something that girl would have given voluntarily but such criminals can manufacture theses consents from the victim, sometimes using coercion where the victim is constantly pressured to have sex or sometimes her denials are not given attention by the assaulter and is taken as a form of shyness that is just a decoration. And other times these victims are charmed and forced before assaulting. Like these the violations are many. And like these people say it is not easy to leave from this toxicity because that is how a human is made and whether be it manufactured consent the assaults are still crimes and the criminals are the only ones who is guilty. So before teaching children how to walk, talk, behave and be ‘chaste’, teach them what toxic relationship is, assure them they are not alone, be their support, so that when they go through these violation they will come to you. Acting all high and mighty and judging is easy until you face it one day yourself.

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