What to do when we don't get protection from the law and order? Current Affairs
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The recent incident in Kerala where a youtuber verbally abused a woman and due to the inaction of the legal system the woman herself went to his home and attacked him for doing these insolent things has sparked many debates all over. In my opinion what the women did was the right thing, trespassing a person’s home and attacking him is wrong but when someone was continuously abusing us and shaming us in front of lakhs of people and there have been no action from the police then the only way is that we ourselves will have to act against it, the women who did this have openly addressed what they did wrong and is proudly ready to accept the punishment for what they did but I can feel the satisfaction they are feeling because what they did was to give a slap on the face of patriarchy and the cyber bullying animals who think that they are safe behind their computers. It is a fact that more people are supporting the bully than the bullied just because she reacted in an out of the box way, but that only shows that how stinking the society really is. No matter what women do she will always be the one to be blamed in this society so looking for the approval of others is not in the question of a woman. this incident gives me the courage to stand in what I believe even if that brings disapproval of some insignificant ridiculous people, because what matters is my satisfaction and peace of mind above any patriarchal norms that suffocate me.

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