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The other day I was discussing with a friend about the type of guys she likes. She is your typical dreamer who likes the textbook, bad boys. She would rather have the guy treat her worse than well and she also likes when they are attractive. I used to find it extremely offensive but you can't help who you like right?
I have always considered myself above it all. I never take these things seriously. I am a cynic and I feel like I am more obsessed with politics and my career to give it any thought. That's not to say I have stayed aloof to these things but I can safely say, I am not interested in them.
But when we were talking about a "type" and what makes someone attractive my first thought was kindness. It's unreal to me when someone's first response is to be nice and understanding instead of show offish.
And I know that one can't help who they like but I believe everyone deserves niceness and understanding. It is essential to me that the people around me are nice to me as well as other people.
But alternatively, I also have to be nice and understanding. Because we can't expect someone to treat us well no matter how bad we act.
I would hope someday that no one type is a nice person because almost everyone around us is nice and understanding but until then. That's my "type". What's yours?


Haha this was so relatable. I was always like your friends, the bad boys, mean, rude, idc attitude held my eyes. But then as you grow you realise it is all just an act! Its the initial shine and it all fades away and goes back to the one's who are kind and don't tend to give up!


Yes My type is the one who not only loves but respect, understand and care. One who is there for you . And all these should be both ways. If someone ever finds a person like them. Keep them. They are a blessing.
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