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I wasn't initially planning on watching mismatched on netflix but well I do love Prajakta kohli and all those "main tera" edits for Rohit Saraf got me all why so much of hype. I had liked Rohit Saraf ever since I was 12. There was this show best friends forever on channel V and I used to really like him (I can sense diamonds before they're precious you know lol). Anyway so yeah I got along the crowd and I was like cool let's watch it. And I did.

It was great! Indian jibe at stereotypical beauty concepts that arise from the family itself totally shattering the wh*le confidence of their child etc. An ambitious girl wanting to learn app development, a down to earth girl following her for love unraveling various concepts of sexuality, ambition, aggression etc. etc. SO this girl main character Dimple is ambitious and this guy Rishi wants to marry her bla blah wtever the plot is it is quite good. And then they both have a huge SENSELESS fight and this girl the next moment kisses harsh, her partner who just passes two three sarcastic comments in the wh*le series. LIKE WTF WTF WHYYYY!!!! Was such a controversial ending so baseless!! I can't wait for season 2 to come in and clear it all out.

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