We as a society has PhD in victimizing the victim- Sunitha krish*a Daily Drag
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Victim blaming is r*mpant in India, it is the act where the victim is blamed for the injustice done to them. We should be familiar with it because we know what our parents say when they hear about such crimes, to state a simple example when a person started using the instagr*m pictures of girls inappropriately, before taking action to arrest him the people were more interested in questioning the girls on why they put up their photos on social media, some might also say that this is a lesson to girls who put their photos. So this act of victim blaming is not something new to us, we being people of India who have grown up with the more rape news than text books. This victim centered criticism begins when the news comes out by stating only the name of the victim instead stating the name of the criminal, we see this when the dressing of the victim and the place where this happened is given more attention. People are eager to see the face of the victim rather than the face of the criminal. Moral policing the victim and scrutinizing their statements to know whether they are lying, these people easily side with the criminal when he says excuses for doing a crime. We are proud Indians with an immense morale that we believe only bad people will become victims of a crime. How wise are we to blame innocent victims and shower flowers on the criminal. I don’t understand what is the reason behind it? but one thing I must say which I feel; everyone who supports the rapist is also a rapist. Everyone who blames the victim’s dressing, the place they go, the things they do, the way they talk, are rapists, when I say this we should understand that even the people close to us becomes a rapist. No one deserves to be a victim, whether they are good or bad.

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