At VentAllOut, we expect a community where people can share their frustration freely but respectfully. Please read the following to create a rich informative platform.

  • Mutual respect – When you post a comment, write with mutual respect. Treat your comment in the same manner as you would be doing it in person. Do not make any personal attack or be rude.
  • Language – Kindly refrain from using derogatory language or remarks against any person or post. Everyone has a right to express whether you agree or not agree.
  • Report abuse – If a post hurts your sentiments in a manner described in our “Report Abuse” tab, report to us without engaging with the user. We are committed to keeping our platform healthy. Do not engage with the user in a war of words and do not make any rude remarks.
  • Block user – We value each and every user and their preference of content or users they interact with and hence we allow functionality to block particular users from your feed without engaging with them directly. Use the “Report Abuse” button to block user.
  • Block vent – You have the ability to block vent from your feed should you find it against your liking. This way you will not be able to see the thread of the blocked vent from your feed in future.
  • Post genuine & factual content – This platform allows you to get different perspective, try to be factual in nature, dig for source of information before posting. Value the post for what the content is. 
  • No discrimation – Do not discriminate a user, post or comment based on caste, religion, gender, creed, nationality or any other basis.
  • Edit your post before submitting – It is worthwhile to check your post for content, grammar and use of language before posting. A well written post is always valued more.
  • Selection of category – Post your comments in the correct category otherwise you may not get the right opinions back.
  • Post through relevant URLs – Providing a URLs in support of your post will add more information for users. Always try to provide the original source.
  • Duplicate post – The platform is rich with quality information and with people from diverse background. Search for post before writing as you may have missed providing your perspective on a similar topic.
  • Like/dislike  – Take an action on the post basis its contribution to you rather than on a bias. It is your decision to take a like/dislike action, use your fair judgement.
  • Take criticism constructively – Everyone has a perspective, whether you like it or not, take things constructively and do not attack personally.
  • Posts and VMoments – Refrain from any images containing pornography, gruesome injury, nudity, pictures of people without consent, personal information before posting any content.
  • Avoid spreading rumors – This platform is not to spread rumors or hoax. Check the authenticity of the post before posting it. 
  • Illegal Activity – Do not use the platform to engage in any illegal activity.
  • Avoid being judgmental – You may not like a user’s comment on a particular topic, that does not mean that the user cannot contribute positively to you on another topic. Evaluate each topic and comment to its merits.
  • Meaning comments – Write meaningful comments rather than abbreviations, the more elaborate you are, the more clear you are to users. Foul language necessarily doesn’t show your anger and may not go well with many users. A clear post is far better than a post full of abuses.

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