Vaccine available to all only in 2022 Current Affairs
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When the vaccine comes. This is the only question running in our minds. But the actual fact is vaccine will comes only in 2022. Word health organization said this today. In Russia there is a vaccine . But they didn’t test it properly. WHO says that at the end of this year a proper vaccine may identified. The problem is we have to give the vaccine to each and everyone in our world. This takes a long time. That is why WHO states like this. If the vaccine is identified at the end of 2020 then all people are get vaccine in 2022. But if the time for identifying the vaccine extends then the time period to distribute it is also extends. India is capable of producing 100 million vaccines . But our population is very high. America plans to give vaccines to all their citizens at the end of 2021. America said that even at the end of 2021 only seventy percentages of the people get vaccine. The left people may not need to get vaccine because the spread is controlled if seventy percentages of the people get vaccines. Some says that one have to vaccine more than two times then only one person can get immunity. Only God knows when the world becomes normal.

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