Umar khalid and the Delhi riots - continuation of a tragedy. Current Affairs
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Former JNU student Umar Khalid have been arrested relating o the Delhi riots which took place in February 2020 which was a nightmare for me thinking of the situation our country has reached, that too based on religions whose core is love, it is just so ironic. There was protest against the CAA and NRC citizenship law which is evident as discriminatory against Indian Muslims. Even I have seen the clippings of Kapil Mishra, a BJP politician who did an explicit hate speech to the protesters who were mostly women, asking the police to disband the protest and take away the blocks or else HE would and that started the wh*le disaster that took the life of 25 people and destroyed the livelihood of many others. Even the bystanders and people in their homes were attacked along with destroying it. Though both Hindus and Muslims were affected the statistics show that it was the Muslim side that had to suffer more. Many Muslims have also fled their homeland and homes fearing their safety. What I find appalling is the corrupted investigation that is going on. It is not even clear that why Umar Khalid is arrested, he was always a target for the police because he was outspoken of the reality that is going on. His advocate says that he wasn’t even in the place during the protest, even if he was a protester that doesn’t justify the arrest what they should have is the evidence that he triggered the violence but it is clear to Indian population that it was Mishra who triggered it and he is safe from all the investigation while innocents are continually being arrested in this name. I am so disheartened in the current situation and now that I see the route of investigation I don’t even have the hope that justice will be restored in this country.

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