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I cannot wait until the day I get out of this damn house, get to have top surgery, get to live on my own without being yelled at that I'm not a boy - but anyway. I'm so excited. I'm going to start testosterone here very very soon, I'm going to get top surgery in about three years, and I'm going to be with someone who loves me for me and not for the body I don't even want. My significant other will be there by my side when I wake up from the operation, they'll be happy for me and see the change in my attitude and how amazing it is to me that I can stim and tic without being uncomfortable, how I can run without being uncomfortable, and how happy I will be in general. I'm going to make a chart of my growth and I'm going to write about my experiences from this day until I'm fully transitioned and comfortable.


That's great...keep up the happy mood and keep sharing here...we are with you in this journey
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