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Today I got in trouble related to school again but today it was different , My crazy ass mom and following ass step-dad was into it 2 , my mom told me to send her my grades which I did the week prior to this one it was my birthday so I basically took a week off of school but still slowly started to turn in my missing assignments the day before this one my teachers started to put stuff in 2 great grades 2 bad ones and then the other one didn't put anything yet . I'm so drained emotionally physically and mentally in this house :((( . I have the kind of mom . If i fail one class or have a failing grade in a class she's going to tell me my life story and call me all kind of names today's phrases were "you a weak ass soft ass stank ass no life having ass bitch " you can't post a picture without a filter or makeup because you ugly as hell and none wants you but me . "these boys only want to fuck you dirty ass bitch" "you and yo dirty ass friend" today my mom beat me upside my head and I have 2 knots on my face and when I was screaming and trying to go outside she pulled me , then my stepdad walked in and asked me a question and I'm like trembling and I shook my head no and he slapped me and she watched and called me all types of dumb b's & whores . If I had the courage to kms I would but I can't my mom knows nothing about me besides the stuff she seen me or "caught" me doing . I feel so unloved so unheard out and I feel like none listens to me or what I have to say . I do feel like this with or without my phone , I don't come out of my room , I say nothing to nobody , I hate going places with them because you are consistently walking on eggshells , I don't know what I did or what karma I deserve , I or none else should be going through this because of school , none should at all school makes me feel like a failure and she told me that I quote " you will be a ho with 7 baby-daddies no education and living in low income apartments with people who don't love you , I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS YOU SO IF YOU LEAVE THAT'S IT" yall i be so close to ending it , none listens to me and none hears me out and I never get congratulated for the good I do it's always "that's what you supposed to do ". It's embarrassing to have to get bullied by your parents lol .


Well the childhood trauma did make you sarcastic as hell lol. But it sucks I get it. Thank fully I had no step-dad, but I didn't have a real dad too and my mom well.. she didn't call me the names but yeah a lot of things are relatable. It really does feel back. Even till date, when I see a happy family, a girl of my age telling me how much she loves her parents, I'm like "ummmm what am I supposed to do with that" you know lol cz IDK how it feels to be secured cz the only place I felt relaxed was anywhere but away from them. A lot of times I tried to push some of my friends away cz if they are dragged in the conversation I would explode. Ah the things I keep sacrificing. But my life is better now. I got out of the place. I am not happy cz yeah the h*le is still there but I think I need time for that. So just get out girl, grow independent and you will be the happiest.
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