Tiktok did open new opportunities to the hidden talents. Daily Drag
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Tiktok has been banned in India now, we all know that, because it was something that we saw on a daily basis even if didn’t have the app. In televisions and other social media these tiktok videos was a trend wave. And there were people who criticized it seeing unusual cultures in it. Sometime it did have this weird videos that just disgusting to watch and our elders were always complaining about this app and the new trends of people acting and dancing(especially girls) because our society is like that. But what is notices is that, keeping the irritating videos apart, this app was a great equalizer in terms of publicity. There were actors and famous people doing videos and also poor and common people also doing videos in it. The videos which are good in-spite of who did it attained publicity. When the glam acting world was something achievable by people with filmy backgrounds and money this platform became a place for all the actors who had the talent but no ways to express them. I have seen great talents n tiktok maybe they might never get to act in a movie but they could still become popular through this app. When we criticize something we must also know that there are many reasons why people use these apps, for some it was their dream fulfillment of showcasing their talent who was not blessed with opportunities. There are many tiktok actors who have found their way into films and short-films and modeling. So before we say that something is disgusting we must know the good sides of t too.

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