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absolutely HATE my obgyn place and doctor. Everyone is so freaking rude. I have severe PTSD, and the doctor I have will push me so much to get a IUD no matter how much I tell her no. She called a psychiatrist and scheduled me a appointment with her to get me some medicine after I told her no I already have one. I've never gotten a physical exam because of my PTSD and parents. My parents are highly unsupportive of me being uncomfortable with it. One time I got into a huge embarrassing argument with a receptionist. She told me I needed to schedule my appointment for a physical and I told her no. She asked me why and I said I have PTSD, I'm not comfortable with it and I will have a break down in which someone will have to take me to the hospital. She laughed at me said "well I think that's bullcrap and getting a physical is good for your health." Another time I needed a ultrasound to make sure that I didn't have a problems with my uterus. The lady was extremely nice and respectful of me. My parents however... Screamed at me because I asked them to stand outside. I was embarrassed because they had taught me that sex is bad, and that it shouldn't happen before marriage.(Everything was fine with it) she screamed at me and I let everything out. The doctor came in and saw me having a panic attack and made her wait in the corner of the room. My parents know what happened, one doesn't believe me that it did or of my mental health issues, the other refuses to talk about it and gets mad every time it comes up because I didn't tell them sooner. I didn't because I was scared. I didn't feel human. I felt dirty. I felt like it was my fault even though I know it wasn't. Sorry I had to get this out it bothered me.


Hey AW...i know this post is old but i was browsing through and saw this post..would be nice to catch up and see how you are doing. Take care


Sad to hear your story dear but are you taking any medicines for PTSD? Maybe you need to explain to your parents what this really means and how you need their support rather than you having an argument with them everytime they are beside you. And why did they ask you to get a physical test done?? are there any issues which they suspect?
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