Things to date Entrepreneurs - Part 3 Daily Drag
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Striving Workaholics

Questions crown the surface of these workaholics. They have a million questions about every new fabricated product from scratch to the end. It is quite hard to give explanations to them when they need a crystal-clear explanation for every single detail. They have crazy sleepless nights especially when the middle of the darkness hits them with a crackling idea and in a flash they are on their desk, doc*menting their scheme. Don’t expect the early-sleeping from them for they will work till their eyes are sore and dark, and stop only when its unbearable. Avoid scheduling spontaneous vacation plans since their work-time is never “off” and keeps varying. Try to understand their flame of passion and avoid getting into arguments on topics such as “Why can’t you give me more time? Is work more important than me?”. Just don’t okay? Don’t ever make them choose between you and something that they’ve dreamt of for years. Empathize and appreciate their dedication instead.

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