There's nothing I hate more than calling people. Daily Drag
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It's not like I don't have topics to talk about or I get anxious or etc. etc. It's just I HATE CALLS. I rarely call my friends and they understand that I'm more of a text person so yeah they respect my choices and I'm grateful to them. It's just I'm a very relaxed and straightforward person and I have been gotten into trouble quite a few times because of that. To prevent that I think before I speak. That is why I prefer texting more. Well when talked to my people who know how I am calls are not preferred but yet okay I might say something stupid but they will understand right. But officials? Basically I got into the society as they told me I would have their complete support but CALLS. It is absolutely horrendous they are making me call these renowned people who I have never met to FIGHT FOR FINANCES.. mark my words not request but fight!!!! I wish I knew how to argue without crying!!

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