There should be a fixed time for you to sleep Daily Drag
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I know I am responsible for hypocrisy by stating that there should be a fixed sleep schedule because I rarely complete my sleep cycle and I fall asleep at odd hours because of this. Especially in the middle of a class, I feel extremely sleepy. This wasn't the case back in college. Even without a wh*le night without sleep, I could turn up to class all fresh and proper. I have no idea why. I sleep a lot at home but I still feel like my sleep is half done.
I am guilty of going to bed at odd hours. Mostly early in the morning and not getting enough sleep. I am sorry about it but now it has become some kind of an habit that I can't break.
And most of the days it happens even after I am sleepy and want to turn in early.
But the few times that I have been successful in sleeping sooner, I have gotten a good sleep and I wake up fresh early morning and have fun. I hope I can feel it again. But most of the time I end up scrolling through Youtube and watching videos about things I have no business watching.

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