The utterly useless item song culture of India. Daily Drag
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Indian film industry is known for its use of songs in its movies which is very unique aspect exclusive to Indian cinema and songs are used for many ways of narration in the movie, sometimes it is used to show a budding love or growth of a character but there is popular kind of songs that we see in Indian cinema that is the ‘item song’ which is commodification right from it’s title itself because these songs show women in exposing dresses dancing as an ‘item’ for the desires of man. Women is seen as an item and it is surprising that even successful actresses take part in it. Yes what they want to do is their choice and the director's choice but showing an item dance in worlds most dangerous place for women these people have more than just their choices to look for when they do these item songs. Women in exposing clothes standing willfully to the whistles and stares of men who is ravishing in her presence because she is satisfying their sexual desire, is so not okay. These film-makers have this excuse of economic gain to use these item songs where again women is used, her beauty is used, her choice is used to make money, money is made from satisfying a group’s sexual libido. And I also don’t think that these item songs help in making a movie successful because if the movie is deserving of success it gets the applause even if it doesn’t use these item songs. No, a person wouldn’t go out to rape because they saw an item song but yes what these people internalize from these scenes and lyrics do feed the misogynistic mentality of the wh*le India and we cannot say that this does not contribute to India’s current situation. When it does not give commercial success then why is our industry obsessed with this completely useless out-of-place sexual depiction?


Honestly, it is not the industry but the public that demands item songs! If we talk about munni badnam, sheela ki jawani, fevicol, those had weird lyrics no? But the amount of publicity they were able to gather in such a small time! The public wants pleasure thats all. And some do consider these songs as fun. But yes, some heads do get mess up through them
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