The savants in Autism who prove the term 'differently abled' Daily Drag
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Autism is always identified as some kind of disability widely across the globe. Their difference in physical and facial structures is the thing that makes them stand out, there can also be variety of movements that majority of people just don’t do, frantic head bobs cupping of ears, and such. They can also be very sensitive to sounds and touches which makes their life harder, but autism is one of the main disorders that prove that what they have is not a disability but different ability. The ‘savants’ in autism are the autistic people who have extraordinary talents in memory, music, mathematics and arts, their ability in these is something very extraordinary and high level that the so called normal people won’t be able to comprehend, the reason for many autistic person to have such talents is still unknown or is still under study. These are also showed in many movies and similar platforms very frequently which now has lead to another problem where the parents is constantly asked about the talents of the autistic child which is kind of rude because not all autistic children might have this ability, so just be happy for the savant ones and let the others live a normal life, because they won’t need our sympathy.

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