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I am a person very much fascinated by the Japanese culture and something that has always attracted my curiosity is the their Shinto religion though now Shinto has many modern structures of Shinto shrines and deities its origin is from the ancient belief called koshinto which is solely based on the nature worship, in this every natural element is considered as divine and all of them has a spiritual manifestation in form spirits. These natural elements include mountains, rivers and seas and also sun, moon and north star, thunder, storm and even seasons are considered to be divinities. The uniqueness of this religion is that it has no codes, has no distinction between sacred and profane. It is believed that these natural elements can bring about a change in the life and can be invoked through rituals. This foundation of Shinto is evident from the position of Shinto shrines which are always situated in beautiful nature mostly in mountains. Shinto is more than religion, it is a culture that everyone in Japan follows and respect because even if the Japanese assume other religion they will still respect the nature and will build small shrines even in front of multinational buildings as a respect to the Shinto spirits. What I love the most is that this religion stands as a reason for preserving nature because Shinto shrines are expected to be built in nature grooves. In this world where everyone has forgotten about nature, a religion like Shinto is very significant.

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