The Notorious RBG, who passed her fighting power to millions. Daily Drag
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Justice Ruth Badger Ginsbu*g stands as the proof for the excuses women line up for not following her dreams because Ms.Ginsberg have faced all adversities and still remained strong and standing in her purpose and achieved it in an age when women Hardly went to colleges. 87 years and she has the most forward opinions than even the youth living in this age have, that is how forward she was. She was not only strong in her ideas but was also the role model for the idea of women having physical strength too as she did weightlifting even in her eighties. Completing her law studies at a time when there were only 9 women in a 500 people class, she served as a professor in Colombia and later selected to supreme court being the second ever female justice. More feminist than any feminist of this time and age she has achieved the 14th amendment act for the equal pay for equal work for women, to bring a change in a country's law ofcourse need the power of lioness considering the discrimination she faced during her life in education and in her career. She has expanded not only women rights but also civil rights law, codified sex discrimination and same sex marriage, she moved against all backward ideologies with her strong will even when she faced great dissents. She was always to be counted wherever injustice takes place and she feared none, she even once called President Trump 'a Faker'. Her intellect and will won various cases bringing change nation wide and being a power for every human. With her outspoken dissents she has own a place in every american giving hope and changing lives of innumerable people. She died achieving what she dreamed of, to bring a change at-least in one life. And achieved it by bringing changes to wh*le nation.

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