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So I was just pondering over the love lives of brown people and it hit me that they've had either 1 incomplete true love story or one complete adjustment story lol. I don't know why love is watched on as a sin? How do you expect your kids to understand the concept of love if you don't let them explore? I'm not saying ask them to have sex when they're 15 no!! But let them understand how it feels like cz y'all got married because of parental pressure now all you do is talk about finances and vegetables and there is absolutely no love just responsibilities. And the movies that influence the kids show loving a hot girl or guy with zero talents but quite a messed up tragic backstory so that is exactly what they're going to do; throw themselves at the most psycho person they could find!

And then finally some of us find love ; well rather think they found love must be more of an infatuation. Anyway they believe it was love for years and hide and secretly think of them and the memories only to never be with them. They could not be with them!! They could not even explore if it was just a source of mortal attraction or actually something that is even remotely related to love!! And now they lead their lamenting days regretting over something they don't even know ever existed.

All I'm saying is, the more you hold them back, the more they'd venture out only to prove their point. Their immaturity will lead to arrogance and other downstream paths that no kid should be looking towards! To all the parents, kindly try to understand your kids instead of imposing all the rituals that you had to go through.

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