The medicine called music and its healing power. Daily Drag
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Music do have therapeutic benefits which we clearly know because it is a therapy we give ourselves in every mood, be it sadness or happiness, romantic or enjoying. These therapeutic qualities are used in professional healing ways to cure many diseases mostly related to mind. This treatment is done by professional practitioners according to an individual’s need, it can be listening to music, singing along to music, moving along with music, meditating or playing an instrument. This healing process can traced back to even ancient times to keep away evil spirits which was the way how mental disorders were seen those days, it was also used in military camps to instill morale. Today it is used for a variety of things like stress reduction, decreasing anxiety and depression, improved memory, reducing blood pressure, pain redution, lower ch*lesterol and bringing down risk of heart disease and stroke. Music is prescribed to relieve stress before surgery, music sessions are proved to have ability to improve psychological and physiological conditions, creating music together is effective in children with developmental delays, learning issues, autism, spectrum disorder, dementia, and other similar conditions. Tuning forks are used to produce certain kinds of vibration to different parts of the body to release tension and energy and promote emotional balance. We all know how soothing music can be now we know how music is more than just soothing but is a medicine itself.


Music is indeed an amazing remedy! Some people have hard time getting into touch with their emotions as they keep repressing and acting tough but I have seen people under the spell of music, feeling angry sad loved and its absolutely beautiful how lyrics created by strangers relate with thousands of others so much implementing how we are all alike!
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