The horrifying experiences that sleep paralysis give. Daily Drag
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Someone kidnapped me I was tied to a chair, no one was around me, but I could hear faint noises of some people talking then suddenly someone comes up to me, strangles me I could not breath I woke up from my dream but still I could see the person strangling me, my parents were in the adjacent room just a call distance between us but I couldn’t make any voice, I couldn’t move my limbs, I was dying in reality, just like in my dreams, I struggled for some minutes and then I was free from the dream and jumped out from my bed. This phenomenon is called sleep paralysis and most of us might have had atleast one sleep paralysis experience. This inability to move the limbs is known as atonia but when this happens in wakefulness it is called sleep paralysis often the sleep paralysis episodes are scary and my experience of suffocation and presence of an intruder is common experiences of sleep paralysis though these can happen separately too but very rarely some people also have pleasant experiences during these episodes too. Sleep paralysis come under parasomnia and repeated happening of sleep paralysis can be one of the symptoms of narcolepsy. But mostly it is just a rare occurrence and it can be due to insomnia or unscheduled sleep, being too tired and all. In other cases people suffering from mental disorders like trauma stress and anxiety can also have it. For me it happened just once and it is now an interesting story to tell my friends though it was horrifying while going through it. We should only be cautious of it when it happens continuously.


I experiences one exactly same dream and was unable to move my body and it was as if my wh*le respiratory system was blocked as i could neither breathe nor speak. But I didn't know sleep paralysis was something in particular maybe as I just considered it as another nightmare and forgot about it but now to think of it, it is indeed quite scary.
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