The emerging entrepreneurs of pandemic times. Current Affairs
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In this corona age what I have noticed so far in India is that many entrepreneurs have emerged in various areas. Cakes now are a matter of only houses away because I think 1 in every 5 houses have a person selling cakes, the times of cakes being sold in small bakeries are over since people prefer homely cakes than manufactured ones. On the road sides and other places people are establishing small shops, either textiles or shoes or at-least bulk eggs. People, since many of them have lost their jobs or does not have a steady job, is moving into simple new businesses. It feels like people are learning their surviving skills in these pandemic times. Whether such people get high profits or not is still a question mark because the number of customers are only few since it is lock down and people prefer to stay indoors. But still it is hopeful to see that people are striving to overcome these times in the best ways possible.

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