The drafts reveal a part of our personalities that no one knows. Daily Drag
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Honestly if clearly thought about it, personality is a wh*le ocean with numerous uncountable aspects. There are a lot of attributes that we expect people to understand and sometimes they don't and gradually over the time we hide those parts of ourselves and tend to become more like what is accepted in the society. But the hidden scars never vanish, they just fade away!

If you think about it, why do therapist recommend you write your thoughts? Because you have to do something to track what you are and who you are becoming. Thoughts are fragile and just in a snap they are gone but in order to maintain that balance you got to think about it and note it down. All those things that you want to say but never do, all the hidden mails and text messages that you have in your drafts, maybe because you don't want to sound too vulnerable or because you don't know how the other person will react, that is the real you! And we all have become so obsessed with hiding that emotional part of ourselves that we are drifting through the waves of hatred!

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