The desperate long walk of injustice. Daily Drag
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Lock-down that was put on wh*le of India saw poor migrant workers stranded in big cities without jobs and nowhere to turn to in order to return to their homelands. When the govt didn't take any actions to bring these workers back home they started walking miles to their homes on foot, shoe-less poor feet were bruised and torn due to the ignorance of the government. There was heart wrenching photos of people sanitized like cattle and people dying on the railway platforms, babies orphaned, all of which will always be a nightmare for India. Just because these people don’t hold any powerful positions and is poor does that make them less humans? I guess it does for our government. Besides ignoring them the government even doesn’t have any data on how many died in this tragedies which is just utter irresponsible approach from a country's government, how can they avoid it completely. The truth was published from the railways authority that about 80 people had lost their lives during this expedition. though from sharp criticism the government employed trains to bring back these workers it was still non organized as there was a time limit and these people rushed to get on board which was against all the protocols that had to be ensured. Those people cannot be blamed for the act, our governments should have given them time and means to follow all the protocols. this marginalization of poor and poverty at large is so depressing when we see that there is no one to protect them.

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