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Disney princess movies are something we have grown up watching, they are our ideal role models until we start to see other movies, we have seen each of these Disney movies more than a hundred times carving it permanently in our minds. But most of the things that these movies teach us are many stereotypes and nonsense that will only give false ideas about the life that awaits children outside. In these movies the main characters are all princesses, giving the idea of princesses as someone who is always sitting idle or if the protagonist is someone like Cinderella they are ones who are always doing house chores so happily, have you noticed that snow white and Cinderella are remarkable in cleaning and cooking, it’s almost glorifying such things when not even one Disney man character is seen to be cooking or cleaning. All the characters are either already princesses or by the end of the movies becomes princesses, money and pomp are the ultimate destination shown in the movies that too is not worked for by the characters but just happens to them through love. These princesses and to-be princesses just wait life-long for their prince charming doing nothing else but waiting, it is only recently that some small amount of women empowerment started to creep in these movies. Love is shown as the only dream of these ladies so does teach the children the same, children think that true love happens, they think that a kiss is everything for a girl, they want to wear puffy gowns and walk down the aisle when in reality true love doesn’t happen so often, it doesn’t just come to a person, sometimes walking down an isle can be the greatest disaster of our lives. These Disney characters create ultimate toxic beauty; they are skinny and have fair girls as princesses giving the ugly message of racism and body expectations. Children become obsessed with being skinny and the chubby kids get insecure because they are not skinny, brown and black skinned girls think that nothing special will happen to them in their lives, this racism just ended temporarily with ‘the frog princess’. I love these Disney princesses just because I grew up with them but I don’t want any more children to be obsessed with it.

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