The crime reporting system has a wh*le other game of nepotism as well. Daily Drag
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The movies like article 15 are indeed the need of the hour for our today's media-public perception. A wide range of crime spectrum has been unravelling in the country and is growing by every fli*kering second. However, the public only knows the half of it!

The SSR's suicide is inhaling the heat since two months, the fact that many students all across the nation have been committing suicide due to the pressure of virtual classes though, NEGLECTED. For hit-and-run and huge crime cases, a superstar would be allegedly proven innocent but an innocent might go to jail for the lack of efficient sources. If a middle class girl is raped, and the suspect is her father, it would be a scandalous show by the media. But if a middle class girl goes through some same thing and there is no valid suspect, to save the reputation of the police department, it is son made to fade away. There have been a lot of fake-case-reporting which make the authorities exhausted and mend their mentalities in a way that similar cases would be fake as well, but what if there is a 1 percent chance that it isn't? Wouldn't it be devastating to sleep with all that guilt that you could have saved that one life tragedy?

The authorities have to start acting responsible and instead of saving their back focus more on saving the society!

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