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We are all at least bilinguals being Indians, because we have a large set of language in our country and we also learn English if not more other languages. when I was a child being a non native speaker of English was seen as something to be ashamed of but native speakers of English most probably will know only English and no other languages. Which puts us in a better spot than them because it is proved that bilinguals or multilingual have better benefits then monolinguals. Knowing more than one language also means that we know more than one culture which brings us closer to understanding the world and also shows that we are adaptable to two or more environments. Bilinguals are said to have better ability to focus because when bilinguals use one language the brain has put in efforts to not process it using other language which is an exercise to the focusing of the brain. Learning of new languages also stretches our mind and gives it a good workout which is even believed to delay Alzheimer’s. Bilingual people are better at multitasking because our brains are accustomed to such multitasking. Bilinguals also have deeper understanding of what the concept of the language is and its linguistic parts and even the difference in human comprehension. so be very happy that we did not become native speakers of English.

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