Taylor swift has got me crazy on lyrics! How can she write so beautifully? Entertainment Others
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I wasn't really a fan of English-musics as you see I was always someone who admired bollywood tadka and masala and the item songs and the melodies. Apparently around 2016 I had a crush who was a huge fan of Taylor Swift and well as all of us try new things that our special someone loves , I did too and damn did I love it?!!

The first song that I heard was "Love-Story", beautiful melody, a story vividly depicted. Then i listened to "Mine, Blank Space, Never getting back together, Trouble", Oh my god that lady is like the goddess of words! The way she writes her own song, relates skin-deep with so many people going through so many emotions in their lives! Her new album "Folklore" has been one of the most versatile music tracks of all times. The lyrics are so beautifully crafted together to express the pain and hatred and the letting go!

It is often said and proved that she stabs back at all of her exes through the means of her lyrics. I think that is smartly incredible, as they say when you're good at something never do it for free. I believe she writes everything with someone else's point view and that's what makes all her songs so special! I'm so thankful to be able to hear her music!

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