Talents that are resurfacing during this pandemic Daily Drag
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This time of pandemic is something very depressing but every cloud has a silver lining and this disaster also has some. One of the benefits is realizing the values of going out, making memories and sometimes is the realization of the warmth of a family, but a benefit that has attracted my attention is that people are realizing their talents and is turning to it. We humans were very busy with god knows several things like money, job, building a house, earning a living but the blessed section of society that is the people with money and place to leave are dusting off the talents they once had and have forgotten in the race of life. Now many people are 'pandemic' artists, singers, instrument readers, chefs and players. In my house itself my brother is into art, a talent which even I didn’t know he ever had and my sister is now a professional crochet artist and mother is becoming a student once more, waking up the dead curiosity in them. People preoccupied with various kinds of stress are learning to face their stress by rediscovering themselves. People have learned to not waste their time and become productive which is a great thing considering the future benefits it will bring out. This has also become a time of YouTubers explosion where everyone is creating youtube channels and is exhibiting their talents. Lazy ones are fed up being lazy and has started to utilize their time. Yes this is a dark period of human history but I wish this might be a beginning of a new world.

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