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Taj Mahal is one of the world wonders. It is the pride of Indian architecture. We all know that the Mohall emperor Shahjahan built it on the memory of her wife Mumtaz. But there are so many things that we do not know about Taj Mahal. Some people says that Taj mahal is a Sh*va* temple before .There is a conspiracy theory says that Taj Mahal is based on Hindu architecture. There are 2 floors on Taj Mahal which keeps closed from Shahjahan’s period. Some stories say that there are sculptures of lo*d Sh*va* that’s why they keep closed. Even some people say that Taj Mahal is built over a Sh*va* temple . During British rule archaeology department did carbon reading and said that the doors of the two floors were made many years before Shahjahan’s period. But after that they closed the doors with stones. No one knows what behind these doors. Another hidden fact is Taj Mahal is bulid like the heaven mentioned in Quran. There is a lake in front of Taj Mahal. Quran says that in front of heaven a lake is situated. That is why Shajahan built a lake in front of Taj Mahal. However Taj Mahal is having lots of secrets inside itself.


The emperor cutting off the hands of the sculptors still seems so unfair and selfish though. But yeah, the architecture is such a beauty. It's been more than 15 years when I last visited that place, always filled with tourism and beautiful pottery and other artistic shops. Damn I would go soon!
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