Suicide among the school children is on a rise, lets be cautious. Current Affairs
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Covid-19 times have seen loss of lives not due to the virus only but have also seen suicides on an increasing level, though there are suicides happening in all age groups what is more concerning is that the student suicides have also rose uncontrollably, this brings us to the state where we understand the importance of schools and friends. The impact of covid on youth is alarming especially here in Kerala. Children between the 12-18 is seen as prone to suicides for which there are various reasons as in during lock-down which is surprising too because the children are constantly with their family and even then the rates are only increasing. The poor children face even more problems as they face economic struggles along with lack of availability of technical facilities which is needed for studying during this pandemic. There are also families where the parents are subjects to substance abuses and families with relationships problems among themselves, children from these families have nowhere else to go during this lock-down and is trapped in a toxic environment which makes the children even more prone to suicides. Children dedicated to studies and who feel pressurized with studies find the online classes and alternatives insufficient which also give them anxiety. Kids now have all the reasons to be with their mobiles and laptops all the time in the name of studies which leads to them misusing it and parents fail to notice these things, constant witnessing of inappropriate videos and games also affects the children in unpredictable ways as this sudden change in lifestyle has made them vulnerable to mental frailness. The recent celebrity suicides and constant discussions on it lead to copycat suicides too where children tend to loose hope and imitate their role models. The only thing that can be done is either opening of schools which will take more time or keeping constant eye on them, having discussions with them, ensuring healthy usage of mobiles and similar items, giving them some outdoor activities if possible and giving alternative entertainment for them. lets be aware and save our children from this hard times.


It is indeed gloomy how student's mental health is just out of the context these days. Especially during these high rainy times in Kerala especially with the appalling network of Vodafone it is impossible to attend the classes continuously. Teachers don't even give the benefit of the doubt to the students because of those who don't attend the class due to their recklessness and blame it on the network which makes everyone suspicious if these problems really do exist or are just fabricated by the kids which makes the situation even worse! Online classes are wasting everyone's time period! No one is concentrating and because of this stupid syllabus completion schedule and assigmnets,students are not even able to technically furnish their skills!
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