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We are living in a chaotic world where hatred thrives and kills. The religions that profess love is twisted by humans to create separation and hate. Humans are separated on caste, creed, colour, language and faith. This age of humans is known for its meaninglessness and hopelessness. When we see the violence around us it almost feels like we are living in a land a of demons rather than human. It is during this disheartening atmosphere that I came across Sufism, the mystic group of people that was known to me only through the writings of Rumi and their songs. I never took efforts to know about the soul of this movement. But when I knew, it captured my heart because of the beauty of peace that they spread through love. Unlike other religious people who wanted to protect their religion and for that become cruel to others, Sufism saw every beliefs as equal, it had this wide perspective of humans and their choices. They accept that whether in different religions there might be people more close to God than them. They saw the brightness of souls just like how J*s*s saw in Mary Magdalene. The Sufism I know wouldn’t judge other person on their behavior or talk behind their back, they might advice others but never hate them for the choices they make. They see even enemies as friends because they fear only the decrease in love for god and nothing else. After knowing these things about Sufism even I started following their certain principles. I don’t judge someone or some situations because there might be greater truths behind it. I don’t hate people just because they say something we don’t like, that’s just their opinion, we shouldn’t bother with it. Sufism in its wake embraced all the drunkards, the prostitute, the poor and needy, the outcastes were in love with the sufis. Sufis didn’t go with the popular notions of society, they stand strong in their love for peace. I saw some things on the internet which said Sufism is not as peace loving as it seems because their gatherings and actions seems weird. We should know that our temple going and poojas and mosque also will be seen as ridiculous to some others but for us it gives inner peace. And we should also know that there will always be good and bad in all humans be it sufis or others. If we are interested in something study it for ourselves and find the truth. For me , though I don’t follow Sufism in body and soul, I have adopted some of their ideologies which has given me peace since. Always take the good in everything. After knowing Sufism many of my unwanted stress was relieved. But all this is based on the love for a power beyond, sometimes called as God, if you are an atheist conceive the concept of god as the unknown universal energy on which this world revolves. I believe Sufism like any other religion spreads the faith in love. What makes it different is its non judgmental faith; it is for this that I love Sufism.

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