Subconscious mind and the hidden secrets. Daily Drag
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Subconscious mind is not just the inner mind that just comes out during our dreams but it is something which has unimaginable powers of influencing us and even creating problems in us. Our subconscious mind is memory bank, not the vague memories that we recall but clear cut detailed memory of everything that we have ever heard and ever seen in our wh*le lives, so actually by the time we reach an age of 20 we have already memorized our math’s textbooks a hundred times, unbelievable right! but it is a fact, although when we recall it, our conscious mind cannot bring it out as stored. Our subconscious mind shapes our life according to our thoughts, the core thoughts, if we are someone with pessimistic approach everything that we do is a failure that is the reason motivational speakers always repeat inspirational quotes and activities because if we continuously do it our subconscious mind will work in that pattern. It is the subconscious mind that regulates our heart beats and our breathing rhythms and every balance of our body that is going on without our knowledge. It also makes our thinking and acting according to what we thought in the past. It is the subconscious mind that comes out as fear and discomfort whenever we do something out of our comfort zones because our subconscious mind created it and it keeps pulling us back to it but to achieve great heights people need to come out of it. When we decide on something random or choose something from a the shop randomly it is actually not random, our subconscious mind makes us choose it because it might be something related to our past actions or thoughts. Our conscious mind only sees what is needed but our unconscious mind sees and feeds everything in our visible area. Haven’t you heard of advertising that unconsciously lead to us buying that item? well of course we might have justifiable reasons to buy it, but in reality it is just the effect of our subconscious, that is the reason ads have underlying sexual tones or religious tones to it which is the basic need of a human and our subconscious will be drawn to it. If we have thought that we control all our choice then we are wrong. subconscious mind is a genius in ways that science have not discovered yet.


I have always been intrigues by the mystery of the anatomy! It is indeed beautiful that we have a circuit sort of network within to actually store it all. I hope the technology comes forth further and we can have a de*ice to store the memories to play it just like a video game hahaha
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