Stop turning marriages into the happy endings that everyone aims for Relationship Significant Others
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I was recently reading about how it is possible that there were many more women who wrote their stories during the literary ages that set up the novel-writing tradition. Women were more inclined towards stories and had more time on their hands so it is very much possible that women were writing actively and yet they weren't getting published because they had to go through a much more complicated process of evaluation when it comes to that. There is also the wh*le tradition that the novels ended with a marriage of the woman otherwise it was termed as a tragedy. And so most novelists had to change their endings so as to reflect a happier version of events. This tradition still continues to this day.
It is very rare that we do not want the girl to end up with the guy of her dreams. Something along the lines that romantic fulfillment is the ultimate happy ending that everyone is looking for. And marriage is most often succeded by the bold claim that "they lived happily ever after". It is very rarely that independence is seen as an admirable trait. Even today an unmarried person raises eyebrows in society. Why are they not married? There must be something wrong with them or sometimes that they must be extremely unhappy. But I have seen that people in marriages are sometimes equally if not infinitely more unhappy than people who live all alone.
Then why are we still preaching the lie that marriage is the ultimate destiny and everyone who thinks they aren't going for it, are either broken or will end up unhappy and alone? Its time we see things as clearly as we can, its time we stop judging people based on their choices.

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