Songs as not mere music, but is poems in its own way. Daily Drag
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I am as any human an ardent lover of songs. Songs are refreshing, livens us, can be companions in our solitude, the colours of our travels, can be nostalgias, the music for our parties. Songs have many roles when considered in these senses.But for me a song is a poem that everyone can understand, Which can be more close to our hearts because it has this element of music in it that is a primitive rhythm in a human. According to some people poem was poetry only in the old days, that is so not true, it’s just that in old days the lyrics were written in a different manner including tough poetic words but today’s writers just use common words and using common words is not a reason for a writing to lack poetic essence because what the writer says in the songs through these common words will be deep things. Yes there are meaningless hollow songs that come out today, like the age old love songs that come from bollywood or the party songs but the existence of those should not be used as a general way of saying that all new songs are meaningless. BTS the world famous Korean boy band might be seen as something silly for certain people but their songs are known for the intellects they use like the history of a place, fighting adversities, the psychology of a human. It is undeniable that they have taught a lot of youngsters the famous psychology of Carl Jung’s Map of the soul. So songs can also be educational. Sometimes these new generation songs attain heights that the earlier musicians haven’t even thought of. Old music are also legendary so is new songs, the period of songs doesn’t matter the songs does.

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